Here is a little background on me.  I was born in San Jose, CA, but moved to Europe after three years.  I spent six years in Switzerland and five in Spain.  My travels in Europe and exposure to diverse cultures shaped my outlook on life.  After moving back to the US, I finished high school and then attended the University of California, Santa Barbara. I finished my degree while attending the Université de Grenoble, in France.  

Upon completion of my BA, I moved back to the Bay Area and started a program in TEFLA (Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults). I was about to move to Japan to teach English when I met my wife.  The decision was an easy one.  I stayed on and went to San Jose State University to get my teaching credential and then my masters degree. 

After moving to Washington, I applied for and earned my National Board Certification. I am now a NBCT and continue to improve my teaching by reading professional literature and articles, attending workshops, and by working with awesome colleagues and students.

Over the past eighteen years, I have taught students from high school level to first grade.  No matter the curriculum or the grade level, my goal has always been to empower all students with self-value, knowledge, skills and practical life experiences to enable their success in the future.

© Darrel Nichols 2012